pH10Max – Alkaline Water Drops

Maintain a healthy pH Balance
Alkaline water helps neutralize damaging acids. Studies show that metabolic acidosis is associated with many degenerative diseases, can accelerate aging, and cause weight gain.*

What is Alkaline Water?
Alkaline water is any water that has a pH above 7.0. Meaning it’s less acidic than regular tap water. pH10Max is rich in alkalizing compounds, including potassium, magnesium, chloride, and naturally alkaline fruit extracts watermelon and lime.

Studies indicate that consuming alkaline water or “Hard” water can increase overall body alkalinity thus making our bodies less acidic.

pH10Max helps our bodies metabolize nutrients and expel toxins more efficiently than regular tap water, leading to better health and performance.*

Benefits of Alkaline water:

  • Powerful Hydration – Hydrates better than plain water and helps supply the body with essential minerals
  • Natural Detoxification – Alkaline water has been shown by clinical research to help the body expel toxins including 10 heavy metals*
  • Good to the Bone – Perhaps the strongest clinical evidence of the benefits of drinking alkaline water are the studies that show it’s link to bone health*
  • Weight Loss – A recent study followed 4 people who drank alkaline water for two months and lost an average of 12 lbs
  • Antioxidants – Alkaline water has antioxidant properties that help by counteracting free radicals.*
  • Blood Pressure – “The Harder the water the softer the arteries” A direct quote from one of the largest reviews of the effects of alkaline water and heart health*
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pH10Max tips the pH scale